Wedding invitations

2726480669_396702fac9_bWeddings are memorable events in our society. It’s a time for happiness and love. Weddings are enjoyed primarily by the couple, and admired by visitors.  Aside from the matrimonial purpose of weddings, it also serves as a time for gathering of friends, reunion of families.

For these reasons, every little detail should be prepared well in advance. To send the message of this glorious event to friends and family, wedding invitations are created. A wedding invitation is a notification letter requesting the recipient to attend the wedding.

In these modern times, wedding invitations serve more than just the purpose of inviting potential guests to a wedding. It also acts as a souvenir of the event. Therefore, just like all the other important details, wedding invitations should be given particular attention.

FYD Wedding Invitations help couples and friends reach the goal of coming up with a presentable, unique and artistically created wedding invitation. If you are planning out on your wedding, achieving that ultimate invitation starts with understanding everything about it. This is a good start for you to do that.

Wedding Invitations – A Background

Wedding invitations existed even before the printing press was created. Rather than printed ones, a town crier was assigned to announce the wedding of a certain couple. There was also a point in history where invitations only served the nobility.

Thankfully, we are now living in the modern age. Highly advanced tools are equipped with the capability to produce elegant and artistic invitations, which also sets the mood of the event. These days, wedding invitations reflect the personalities of the couple who are about to tie the knot.



Different Types of Wedding Invitations

Modern weddings often include, not just one wedding invitation. There are other mini-invites, such as gift registry cards, RSVP cards, thank you cards, menu cards.




Here are some information about them:

The ‘Main’ Invitation


The main invitation provides all the details needed to lead the guests to the event. The details include the date of the event, the place, entourage, and other details related to the wedding.





Gift Registry Cards

5601019574_853267e229In order to avoid receiving duplicate gifts, and to make sure that the necessary items needed after the wedding is available, couples often choose to use bridal registry. Typically, these gift registry cards lead the guest to a certain store where they can get their gifts.




RSVP Cards


This social invitation card is given to an invited individual. A response is expected from the invited person. When all the invited guests confirm, the count of attendance is finalized. This is a big help in determining how many guests can attend the wedding ceremony and reception.



Thank You Cards

     thank you card 2

Thank You cards are a way of saying ‘thank you’ to all who shared your precious moment with you. It also serves as a way to show appreciation for gifts received, and well-wishes. These days, thank you cards, though given after the wedding, are also part of the entire wedding preparation (check out this impressive guide). They also come with cool designs and artistic touches, most likely chosen by the couple themselves.




Menu Cards

                       wedding menu cards

Menu Cards are placed on the reception table at a wedding. It includes the list of food available for the meal to be shared with the other guests. Even though this card may not give much of an impact, it should also look well with the overall preparation. Oftentimes, it follows the motif of the wedding.





FYD Wedding Invitations and YOU

At FYD, we perfectly understand your desire to have that perfect wedding. As a result, we play the part of the responsible provider of wedding invitations which will certainly meet your unique requirements. We assure you that we will listen to your ideas. After all, it’s your big event. We will certainly back you up with everything you need. We’ll take care of the wedding invitations and other mini-invites needed for your big day!

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Weddings are indeed, one of the best moments in your life. Because of this fact, you would certainly want nothing but the best, even up to the minutest details. For certain, you would not want to hand over the responsibility of taking care of the wedding invitations to someone who is not reliable. We provide the assurance that we have been in the field for quite some time now, and have seen the rapid improvements in the trends of wedding invites. Tell us what you want and we will create a draft for your approval. Let’s weave your dream wedding together!