How Long Does it Take?



At FYD Wedding Invitations, we do things as efficiently as possible. However, we also do not want to sacrifice the quality of our finished jobs on some low-quality, time-saving efforts in creating wedding invitations. Thus, we follow our standard procedure. Still, we take into consideration your requests and needs.

As part of our effort in providing good customer service, we offer faster production turnaround time, compared to other service providers. The entire process usually starts from the time we receive your order, and ends through dispatching and delivery of orders. Therefore, we highly recommend you giving consideration to time, especially if you have intricate details that you wish to incorporate in your designs

Standard Turnaround Time

Here at FYD Wedding Invitations, our process involves procedures such as typesetting, designing, customisation, and printing. After getting the invitations ready on our end, we also allow time for delivery. Thus, all in all, you can expect to receive your wedding invitations within 7 business days, from the date you sent in your order request.

However, there are several cases we encountered wherein couples need to make some edits during the design and customisation phase. We would like to set expectations that due to these changes, the time period is altered, so the delivery date might also be changed.

Therefore, we highly suggest that thorough planning should be done appropriately to reduce changes that need to be done during the start of the process. This is to make sure that the standard turnaround time is followed, and that any type of delay will be avoided. We highly respect the time of our customers. For this reason, we speed up things in our company.


The Process

Upon receipt of your order, we take note of the information and details needed in order to typeset and customise the layout of your wedding invitations. Our skilled designers will provide you the digital proof in 1-2 days for your approval. Once you have confirmed that everything is correct, you will return it back to us and we can move on with this process. Please keep in mind, that any require that when you are placing order extension on this phase may also alter the delivery date of the wedding invitations.

At the point, we also for multiple items (invitation cards + RSVP cards + menu cards, etc), all actions should be done at the same time for all orders. This response will ensure a streamlined process, not just for design, but also for typesetting.

At FYD, you are open to customise your wedding invitations. Should you need our help in the designing process, we highly recommend giving us particular time to do so. As we work hand in hand in the success of the creation of your wedding invitations, we provide you nothing but the best commitment that we can possibly offer! Do not hesitate to contact us now for your wedding invitations need. We would gladly offer our assistance and provide you the best results you could ever imagine!