Our Process


With FYD Wedding Invitations, we don’t want to give our customers a hard time. Thus, we make customisation and placement of orders very simple. Our website is complete with information on your available choices. The challenging part, we must say, is the actual process of selecting the type of invitation that is best for you.

Our process is very simple. Follow along the steps and be guided:

Step 1: Customise Your Designs

Our company is equipped with a user friendly, yet technologically advanced ordering process. Thus, you are provided the opportunity to customise the design of your invitations down to the most particular detail, such as font, theme colour, font colours, custom wording, photos as well as printed envelopes. To make the selection of wording easier, we have suggested templates for your perusal.

Step 2: Additional Options

Once the invitations are printed, they come with a free envelop. Standard ones are used as default. Should you wish to upgrade the quality of your envelop, you can opt for the ones with the special finish. At the same time, moving forward from this point, you can order additional envelops, also choosing the colour selection of your envelope seal (which is also free).

Step 3: Uploading the Photos

At this point in the order process, you have the option to attach photos in your wedding invitations. While there is no standard quality, it is highly recommended to use high resolution photos. These types of photos provide the assurance of the quality of your photos.

Step 4: Payment Options

After selecting the design, as well as all the other details for your invitation, it is time for you to make your payment. Several payment options are available. Major credit cards such as Visa and MasterCard are accepted. We also accept payments through PayPal. Payments are securely done in our website through an encrypted processing system. We also accept EFT payments; however orders are only processed upon bank clearing, which usually takes 3-4 business days.

Step 5: Create a Digital Proof

Before the actual printing process, we will offer a design proof showing what the outcome will be after printing. This will be automatically emailed in your account. Once the piece is available for checking, you can place your comments, and request edits. If you are already satisfied with the result, then you can approve it and eventually proceed with the printing phase.

Step 6: Delivery of the Finished Product

Once the confirmation is received on our end, it typically takes around 5-7 business days in order to process your order. Then, further 1-4 business days is given for shipping. The length of delivery days usually depends on your location.


The processes involved in our business are quite easy to follow. If you notice, you are involved in every step. This is our way of telling you that we would like to collaborate your requests with our expertise as we work hand in hand in creating the best options for you.

At FYD, we fully understand how important your wedding day is. We also want the best for you. That is our business. Therefore, we strive hard in making sure that we meet your requirements in a professional way.